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Strategic Planning

PharmaCare Strategies can enhance the success of your pharmaceutical brands in specialty markets by developing targeted strategies to maximize brand uptake and share retention. With a special emphasis on geriatric, long-term care, and managed markets, we analyze specialty channels for competitive advantages, develop customized marketing messages and sales aids, design and model specialty sales forces and build effective pull-through initiatives for sales representatives, key opinion leaders, and healthcare professionals. Our customized approach optimizes product growth – both at launch and during the brand life-cycle.

Our proven strategic and tactical plan starts with a full situational analysis of the LTC market with a focus on the market dynamics, regulatory challenges and reimbursement environment impacting your disease state and product(s). Opportunities and hurdles are identified and incorporated into a strategic business plan. Operationalized budgets are recommended along with budget-driven tactical approaches to maximize the success of your product(s) in long-term care.

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