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Institutional Pharmacy Management

PharmaCare Strategies, Inc. offers on-site and remote pharmacy management consultation to institutional pharmacies serving the long-term care market. The emphasis is on improving customer satisfaction and new customer growth, workflow design and efficiencies, and pharmacy profitability.

Customer satisfaction and growth is evaluated and the client is provided with a step-by-step marketing approach to gaining additional clients. A customer satisfaction survey instrument can be developed to provide insight into designing process driven changes that will improve employee satisfaction, employee performance, and ultimately … customer satisfaction. Specific customer satisfaction training can be scheduled. Specific sales and marketing training can be scheduled and/or a full scale marketing campaign designed.

Workflow design and efficiency is analyzed in terms of state laws regarding staffing requirements, physical plant structure and layout, customer facility-type, geographic coverage, primary reimbursement mechanisms utilized, and technology available to the institutional pharmacy.

Pharmacy profitability is analyzed; including cost-of-goods sold (COG), revenue structure, gross margin, labor costs, and general & administrative costs. Special emphasis is placed on the development of programs to improve contract compliance and appropriate disease management initiatives. Assistance with developing pricing formulas (including consulting charges), structuring client contracts, measuring pharmacy performance, and determine maximum profitability is provided.

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